Spoken Cafe, 9 May 2020
Polaroid OneStep 2/Color i-Type Film

Community is essential to me. One of the main reasons I wanted to live in Ravenswood and not downtown was because I wanted to know the local people who work in my neighborhood.

Spoken is a little cafe that is a surprisingly big part of my life. I go here most days for breakfast, and the couple who run it, Will and Sido, are people that I consider friends. So much so that when we had our wedding in 2018, having them cater it was a no-brainer. They’re big supporters of progressive values and community. I can’t imagine our neighborhood without them.

When the pandemic hit, they briefly hit ‘pause’ and have recently re-opened with a to-go window and are now offering groceries. I’m happy to see a business I love dearly find a way to make it work in this weird world we’re living in.

Give them a look and consider placing an order for pickup: https://spokenchicago.com