Dr. Kruse of Northside Foot & Ankle, 13 May 2020
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So, this post is astoundingly lame (pun intended) but this is my podiatrist. I stopped by his office on Wednesday to pick up a new pair of orthodics because my insurance gives me one a year for free.

He’s the third podiatrist I’ve had, and hopefully my last. 

You see, I hit the genetic lottery because my right leg is a full inch longer than the left one. For years doctors chalked up my wierd way of standing to bad posture and it wasn’t until I got x-rays to prove it that people started taking me seriously. Well, over time the leg-length discrepency left untreated contributed to a slipped disk in my back, and severe pain in my feet that made it hard for me to walk or stand for any period of time.

Doctor Kruse set me up with great orthodics that have corrected all of that. No more discomfort, no more pain, and a lot less back problems. I’m extremely grateful for him. 

He also referred me to a great travel agent who helped planned our honeymoon to Australia in 2018, but that’s another story.

If you’re looking for a great podiatrist in the Chicago area, I highly recommend checking out https://chicagofeet.com