A Fresh Start, 1 January 2021
Polaroid SLR 680 SE/Polaroid Color 600

(Self-portrait inspired by Andy and my 2020 self-care journey)

When I retired this project in January of 2014, I didn’t know if I would ever return to it. Keeping it going across road trips to Texas and international travel was a lot of work. In 2013 I began a new job, and work was getting in the way of my art. So, I decided to set the camera down for a while.

While the earlier years of the project are filled with people and gatherings, the pandemic has forced us to confront the absence of those things. That absence has inspired me to pick the camera back up. This time around, I have treated it more of a personal experiment, which means I’ve been lenient about my commitment to it. While that has been a kindness to myself, I’ve decided that I’d like to be more consistent as I continue this project into 2021.

Today I am beginning a new approach. I am going to attempt to resume posting daily with a rolling 7-day delay. This new set up will allow me to schedule posts and queue them up, which will (hopefully) prevent me from falling behind. Additionally, while, in my eyes, the canonical version of this project will live on Tumblr, I will now be posting to Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram simultaneously. This change will enable me to reach the broadest audience and meet people where they prefer.