Tag: ashland avenue

  • Montrose and Ashland, 20 August 2020Polaroid SLR 680 SE/Polaroid Color 600   Been trying more of these night shots. I set this one up and deliberately snapped it as a car sped by. Need to work on better framing to avoiding lens flares more though.

  • Bill and B. Polaroid SLR 680SE / Impossible PX-680 Color Protection Bill’s moving to LA to be with his lovely lady friend and pursue his music career in new and exciting ways. We managed to cross paths at A.J. Hudson’s where Chad works and Hari and I played trivia.

  • McKinley Park Warehouse Fire Polaroid Spectra ProCam / Impossible PZ-680 Color Protection Lexi and I went to check out the warehouse fire on the south side that had made national news. As you can see the building is icing over due to the cold weather. It’s kind of amazing. I put more photos on Flickr.

  • Pizzaco’s Italian Eatery Polaroid Spectra ProCam / Impossible PZ-680 Color Shade Cool 04*12 My favorite pizza place in Chicago. I wanted to photograph Rich, the owner but he’s camera shy so instead I went with the pizza. They serve real NY style slices in Chicago. Delicious. Check them out.