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  • Mae


    Mae, 20 March 2021Polaroid SLR 680 SE/Polaroid Color 600 We helped Katie move to her new home and Mae, her cat, took to the place immediately.

  • U-Turn Polaroid OneStep 600  / Impossible PX-680 Color Shade 06*11 Beth Ann’s new roommate Lucy has one of the most friendly, loving cats I’ve ever met. Her name is U-Turn. I haven’t learned why yet.

  • Elliot Polaroid SX-70 AutoFocus / Impossible PX-70 Color Protection 12*12 My girlfriend’s roommate’s cat.

  • Tumnus Polaroid Spectra ProCam / Impossible PZ-680 Color Protection Spent Valentine’s Day hanging out at Morgan and Corinne’s watching bad horror films. I tried to capture a shot of one of their cats and just as I shot he walked towards me.