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  • Danielle and Avery Polaroid SLR 680SE / Impossible Color Protection My friend Danielle from college (who i went on my trip to Iceland with last year) gave birth to a wonderful baby boy earlier this year. His name is Avery. Coincidentally, Danielle’s family is from the same town in Michigan as Beth Ann’s so we stopped over…

  • Iceland Crew Assemble! Polaroid One Step / Impossible PX-680 Color Shade COOL 05*12 Met up with these cats at JFK to fly to Iceland for a week for Danielle’s birthday. As you do.

  • Danielle Polaroid Impulse SE AutoFocus / Impossible PX-680 Color Shade Visiting family for Easter very briefly. Got to catch up with an old college friend in Brooklyn last night. Good times. Danielle is also a hell of a photographer. Check out her work: http://www.daniellestingu.com/