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  • Chicago Comics + Clark Street Looking South, 13 January 2021Polaroid OneStep 2/Polaroid Color i-Type Film  Took my weekly trip to pick up comics, and show this looking South past the store. I then dropped the phot in my bag with my books. The cold weather caused the film to discolor like that, usually I keep…

  • Comics, 14 August 2020Polaroid SLR 680 SE/Polaroid Color 600   Years ago I bought these frames with the intention of hanging my favorite “key” issues of comics I love. They look amazing and they make me smile when I walk by them every day.

  • Comics Polaroid SLR 680SE / Impossible PX-680 Color Protection I spent a day bagging, inventorying and downloading digital copies just to clear my head. Shut up no YOU have a problem.