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  • Common Shiner Practice Polaroid SX-70 Sonar / Impossible PX-70 Color Protection Did a quick shoot with these gentlemen for an Indie Gogo bonus they did and then hung out while they practiced.

  • Michael James Brooks Polaroid Spectra ProCam / Impossible PZ-680 Color Protection Common Shiner released their new CD to a sold out show at Schuba’s on Saturday night. It’s pretty great, should be on the iTunes store. But you can listen to it on Bandcamp in the meantime.

  • Common Shiner is Breaking Up Polaroid Impulse SE AutoFocus¬†/ Impossible PX-680 Color Shade Pioneer Test Film (COOL?) 03*12 Morgan and Corinne are getting their own place.

  • Common Shiner at Lincoln Tap Room Polaroid SLR 680 / Impossible PX Color Shade 680 The boys had a fundraiser party to fund their next album. Spoiler alert: They hit their goal.