Turnstiles at Chicago and Franklin / Harassed by a CTA employee

Polaroid SLR 680 / Impossible PX Color Shade 680

I was harassed by a CTA Employee who tried to tell me it was illegal to take photos on the platform and that I needed to have someone call her granting me permission.

It’s not and I don’t.

I found and read to her the CTA’s policy from my iPhone. She then told me that I was “acting suspicious” and she was calling the cops. I then told her to call whomever she wanted but I would be taking my photo and not waiting around.

Unfortunately this meant I slightly rushed the shot and didn’t cover the image on ejection leading to overexposure.

I normally would have stayed to talk to the officers but I was meeting friends and didn’t have time to stand up for principals and teach her a lesson.

You can read the CTA’s Photo and Video Policy here. I’m now printing copies of it to keep in my photo bag.

Your tax dollars at work folks!