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  • Weekend in CaliforniaImpossible Color Protection / Impossible Color 2.0 Pioneer Edition Spent the weekend in California for a wedding and a shoot. Took the opportunity to explore Marin County specifically the Point Reyes Lighthouse, where we went whale watching, Stinson Beach… because why not?, Muir Woods because it’s the obvious inspiration for Endor, and then…

  • Beth Ann’s Birthday Polaroid SLR 680SE ¬†/¬†Impossible Color Film 11*13 We went to TRU for dinner and then back to my place to open gifts.

  • Beth Ann’s Keys Polaroid SLR 680SE / Impossible PX-680 Color Protection I had a long busy day and was about to go to bed, then I got a call that my girlfriend had locked herself out of her apartment and had to drive down to the south loop to let her in.