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  • The Music Box, 19 September 2020Polaroid SLR 680 SE/Polaroid Color 600   They’ve started occasionally closing off Southport Avenue for street dining. Beth Ann and I went to Bombastic for coffee and then sat on the curb and people watched in front of our beloved historic landmark theater: The Music Box Theatre. I know movie theaters…

  • Line For Neil Gaiman Polaroid SLR 680SE / Impossible PX-680 Color Protection Amusingly the day after I shoot an off the cuff shot of the Music Box there is a MASSIVE line around the block for a Neil Gaiman book signing. I wish I had known in advance!

  • Lawrence of Arabia Polaroid SLR 680SE  / Impossible PX-680 Color Protection 11*12 Zack and I went to see this film for its 50th anniversary restoration. Totally lives up to the hype and it’s clear why it’s regarded as one of the best films of all time. It runs through Thursday at the Music Box

  • Q&A for The Birds at the Music Box Polaroid SLR 680SE / Impossible PX-680 Color Shade Star of the film Tippi Hadren being interviewed by Ben Mankiewicz at the Music Box for a special Turner Classic Movies screening of the film.

  • Southport Looking North

    Southport Looking North

    Polaroid OneStep / Impossible PX Color Shade 680