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  • Msgr. John Egan – DePaul University, 15 July 2020Polaroid SLR 680 SE/Polaroid Color 600 On my daily bike ride I encountered this statue of Monsignor John Egan in front of the DePaul University Student Center and really appreciated that someone had put a mask on it.

  • Lakefront Raccoon, 20 June 2020Polaroid SLR 680 SE/Polaroid Color 600 Ran into this little guy late at night cycling the lakefront. It’s a little scary how willing they are to just walk right up to you.

  • Addison CTA Red Line Bus Stop at Night Polaroid OneStep 600 / Impossible PX-680 Color Protection Not pleased with how this turned out. I took a gamble thinking I had enough light and boy was I wrong.